Service and Repair

Audio Electronics Repair and Service


  • P.A. Amplifiers
  • Guitar Amplifiers
  • Rack Amplifiers
  • Professional Mono, Stereo and Multi-Channel Amplifiers
  • Car audio amplifiers
  • Vintage Audio Amplifiers

Turn Tables, Tube Audio, Cassette Tape Decks (Limited), Reel to Reel tape machines (Limited)

Music Electronics:

  • Electronic Pianos and keyboards
  • Pad’s
  • Mixer boards and consoles
  • Effects Pedals


Pro Audio Electronics

Repair of audio electronics. Amplifiers (Rack, Guitar and other music, PA, Staging, Car Audio), Pre-Amplifiers, Equalizers, Receivers, Mixers, Effects Boxes, Recorders, Turn Tables, Tape Decks and more.

Commercial and Industrial Electronics

Board level repairs: PLC Controllers, Motor drives, Laundry machine controls, Printing press electronics, Cutting equipment, Cooking and baking equipment control boards, Switching and linear Power Supplies, DIN rail devices, Battery Chargers: automotive to industrial size fork lift battery chargers, man lift equipment controls, Furnace control boards, HVAC Control boards, Time card clocks.



Electronic Solutions Engineering

Get help with engineering an electronic device. We can produce solutions for electronic needs, Producing circuitry, schematics, BOM’s, supply parts and even provide production options.