HardCore Electronic Services is a service business specializing in electronic repairs and repair solutions for out of warranty commercial, industrial, professional and consumer electronics.  We will also engineer solutions!

Where normally replacement is the only option, our team does board level troubleshooting and component replacement.

For the Service Tech’s out there that work on the road replacing boards for your customers, we can offer a refurbishing option in many cases. This often results in a faster turn around time and at usually a much lower direct cost to you to offer as a cost savings alternative to your customers.




We are a hub for vintage audio repairs. Re-capping, (Replacing capacitors) semiconductor and passive component replacements and upgrades in amplifiers, receivers, and other equipment. We use only new, name brand, quality components to repair your equipment.  Parts are only salvaged when circumstances are not feasible to wait on parts orders or parts become no longer available with no suitable substitutes.

We have good knowledgeable staff, good work space and a stock of parts on hand. Our service business coincides with HardCore Electronic Supply enabling a fast lookup and order-in channel for parts as required.